New Book – SOON! + Cameron’s Poetry

Incandescence Press is excited to announce that we are in the final stages of a new book project, Cameron Lambright’s The Young Garden Manifesto. We are currently finalizing the cover, which is being created by talented artist Soheil Tousi (who also did the cover for Blazing the Sun). The Young Garden Manifesto is a contemporary literary novel with an innovative plot structure — sort of a 1Q84 meets The Catcher in the Rye. We are still finalizing the exact publication date, but it will be very soon, in about a month! Cameron continues to work on the sequel to Blazing the Sun as well, which we have tentatively slated for publication next year.

This is big and exciting news, but we have something even better than news to release today. Most people who know Cameron’s work know that he writes poetry, but few have ever had the opportunity to see or hear it. He was recently experimenting with some recording equipment and recorded a series of 7 poems, which we have put up on youtube for everyone to listen to. It’s powerful stuff!

If you enjoy the poetry, please be sure to share it on facebook, or wherever it is that you share things you like with people you like.

More details about The Young Garden Manifesto coming soon!